COVID-19 and Shiatsu

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Following guidance from the Government I am back doing the job I love, albeit slightly different from what I'm used to!  I am required to wear a visor, which is slightly unwieldy and has a habit of steaming up and moving around my head but fortunately my wood energy is holding up and I am able to adapt and get on with the treatments.

So how am I keeping myself and my clients safe?  Well, the visor is one of the requirements, and although when using a visor I am not required to use a face covering I am currently using both.  I also have medical grade sanitiser, which I use before and after treatment.  At the moment I am also trialing wearing "over clothes".  I wear a base layer, and change the over clothes and my socks with each client.  Lastly, of course I wipe down all equipment after use, this has required a change in equipment as a futon simply is not cleanable in between clients, so for the time being I am using my faithful body cushion, which I place on top of a pilates mat, both of which I can wipe down.  For those that are familiar with my body cushion, I always use a cover on the face cushion, which has always been changed after each client and washed at 60 degrees.

Let's see what happens in the coming months, but whatever comes, I am always willing to adapt!